The Federal Government published last week the Provisional Measure 905, which aims to stimulate the generation of employment and income in the country. Among the highlights of the text is the end of the regulation of the Insurance Broker profession. Prior to the publication of the new rules, which are already in force but still need to be approved by the National Congress, no citizen could work as an Insurance Broker without the professional registration issued by the Private Insurance Superintendency, Susep.

From the publication of the provisional measure, Insurance Brokers who already work in the area, or who intend to start their career, do not need to apply for registration and re-registration with the federal authority, enabling the market to self-regulate the area. Susep figures indicate that Brazil currently has approximately 100,000 professionals, including individuals and companies, in the area of ​​insurance brokerage, and it is estimated that this number will grow with the new measure.

According to a note published by the Private Insurance Superintendence, “self-regulation is an old claim in the category of brokers and the measure will bring benefits to professionals and the market”, which according to the entity, will benefit from the provisional measure. insurance consumers.