Seguros para toda a vida


Life Insurance is Our Specialty

Through a wide range of products in Life Insurance, Caburé Insurance Group provides complete and personalized insurance coverage. With this business profile, the Group has a portfolio of clients fully scattered in individual and collective insurance, nationwide.


Caburé Insurance Group operates throughout Brazil and covers 3.476 cities in the Country ( 62,40% in the Country ). It is close to its insured and therefore can provide an agile and precise service, in accordance to the needs of its customers.

Headquarters of the Organization

Main office: Porto Alegre (RS)

Branches: Porto Alegre (RS), Fortaleza (CE).

Main office:
Avenida Borges de Medeiros, 2233, 11th floor
Praia de Belas – Porto Alegre – RS
CEP 90110-150
Phone: +55 (51) 2108.5399

Porto Alegre Branch:
Rua dos Andradas 955, 7th floor
Centro – Porto Alegre – RS
CEP 90020-005
Phone / Fax: +55 (51) 2131.5399 | 2131.5374

Fortaleza Branch:

Av Santos Dumont, 2500, Shop 05
Aldeota – Fortaleza – CE
CEP 60150-161
Phone: +55  (85) 3224.4777

Business Partners

The largest Insurer groups in the world maintain partnership with Caburé Insurance Group.

– MetLife  
– AXA  
– Zurich  
– Liberty  
– Tokio Marine  
– Generali  
– HDI  
– Bradesco  Seguros
– SulAmerica Capitalização
– Mapfre  
– Chubb  
– QBE  
– SulAmérica Seguros
– Sancor  
– ACE  
– E-Pharma
– InterPartner Assistance
– PREVISUL Seguros
– Porto Seguros
– Azul Seguros



There are more than 1.200.000 insured assets in the portfolio of clients and more than 7,15 million registered insured. The emphasis is to insure individuals and collectives:

– Employees of small, medium and large companies in private and public sectors;
– Professionals;
– Civil service municipal, state and federal;
– Officials of the national banking system;
– Utility companies;
– Oil Companies;
– Companies sanitation;
– Companies telephony;
– Hospitals;
– Universities;
– Holders of insured banks;
– Associations, Labor Unions and Clubs.