Tool was developed by the Caburé Group and has Zurich as a partner insurance company

In January 2021, App Anjo surpassed the mark of 2,100 insurance brokers registered throughout Brazil. In a wide and constant growth, the application was developed by the third generation of the Caburé Group for the sale of life insurance.

To facilitate the inclusion of new “Anjos”, as registered brokers are affectionately called, the App created a robot to streamline the initial storage of information, which greatly simplified this process. Anjo is an agile, intuitive, simplified tool with a fast and dynamic process for selling life insurance,
with the prominent Zurich as its insurer.

“The vast majority of insurance brokers who are using Anjo are professionals who are looking to increase their results with life insurance products and have realized the excellent commissioning existing in the App. In fact, many are creating sales teams to enhance their distributions and its results, taking advantage of the ease and speed of hiring the application and the magnificent cost benefit for insured customers ”, highlights the Vice President of Grupo Caburé Seguros, José Luiz Mota da Silva.

In addition, Anjo brings insurance brokers closer to their target audience and, in an innovative way, allows them to conduct remote sales directly from the comfort and security environment of their homes or offices. “Long trips, stress in traffic, great time involved for each sale, distance from the family and high travel costs are changes in behavior that the Anjo is bringing and offering to brokers, who will be able to sell much more, generating exponential growth in their contacts and sales closings, providing great achievements and a better quality of life ”, he explains. “With Anjo, insurance brokers will increasingly help people to protect themselves and their loved ones. The world is changing, change you too. Come be an Anjo ”, he concludes.

Learn more at 1anjo.com.

Source: JRS