The Caburé Seguros Group is aware of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil and in the world, working in partnership with the largest insurance companies in the market so that our policyholders are supported in this very delicate moment. For this reason, we reiterate that cases resulting from the pandemic of the new coronavirus are covered in all life insurance policies of Grupo Caburé.

The Caburé Group’s mission is to ensure that our policyholders and their families are safe, protected and supported at all times. In this one, in particular, so challenging for all of us, we will be by your side.

Following regulations and guidelines from the authorities, we adopted measures to protect the health of our policyholders and employees. We provide digital and call center channels for any queries.

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24h assistance (Funeral – Vehicle): 0800.055.2039
DESIN – Claims: (051) 2108.5342 – (051) 2108.5343 – desin@cabure.com.br
DEAS – Service to the Insured: (051) 2131.5399 – (051) 2131.5388 – (051) 2131.5351 – deas@cabure.com.br