The exponential evolution of technology broke with geographical paradigms and barriers. If, until a few decades ago, communication between two people who were miles away was difficult, today this happens naturally, instantly and simply, mediated by a digital interface, the result of technology. After all, being on the internet you can have access to any store, distant from you or not – with the benefit of instant purchase and without wasting travel time, for example.

For Grupo Caburé, the change process is a constant that needs to be monitored daily. If that becomes part of people’s lives, it also needs to be part of the Caburé Group. Today we call meal and transport by apps, choose and access knowledge anytime we want via the internet, including taking a Distance Learning course (EAD). Given this scenario, we ask ourselves: why not put the sale of life insurance on the same path?

That’s why we created the Angel app. We are modernizing to keep up with the pace and the connected lifestyle of people and society, understanding the needs of our main partners: sellers, brokers and life insurance agents. Thus, with technology, they can sell more in less time, increasing their profitability.