Continuing with the actions to protect the health and life of our employees, business partners, insured customers and the population in general, the Caburé Seguros Group will continue to maintain security measures in accordance with the Federal Government’s instructions regarding the care with COVID -19.

In this way, all the activities of the Caburé Seguros Group will continue to be provided via “Home Office” assistance for an indefinite period, recording that we have not stopped our work at any time.

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24h assistance (Funeral – Vehicle): 0800.055.2039

DESIN – Claims: (051) 2108.5342 – (051) 2108.5343 – desin@cabure.com.br

DEAS – Service to the Insured: (051) 2131.5399 – (051) 2131.5388 – (051) 2131.5351 – deas@cabure.com.br

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Our purpose is to keep everyone safe and healthy.