In a historic way, in October 2012, Brazil reached the lowest Selic rate ever recorded in the country, reaching a rate of 7.25% and has remained so until the present, February 2013.
With respect to economics and investments, we are living in a time of education and investor learning evolution, regardless of their size.
In this line, the asset manager increasingly needs to seek cost-effective options for the investor, using and offering a more complete portfolio such as real estate, equity, equity funds, funds indexed to inflation, funds of and other actions.

Caburé Group through Caburé Investments, independent manager “AMI ” (Independent Asset Manager ) , continues to register high rates of profitability gains in its Investment Portfolio of Differentiated ” IPD ” , where the emphasis has been focused on real estate and self and third party managed funds.
In early 2013, the combined self and third party managed funds of Caburé Group reached R$ 14.5 Billion in assets.