The Caburé Seguros Group, a leader in insurance management in the country and one of the largest in Latin America, brought together employees, brokers and insurance agents at a year-end celebration last Friday in Porto Alegre. During the ceremonial speech, the company’s president, José Luiz Mota da Silva, made a trip to the company’s past and present. Starting to talk about the future, José Luiz surprised the guests with the launch of Anjo, the first app in Brazil made to sell life insurance. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

José Luiz made a point of stating that the Anjo will not extinguish with the insurance sales proposal card, but to serve as another means of sales. Unlike the paper record, the broker gains in speed and practicality to increase the number of sales, being able to sell to those who are on the other side of the country or the world.

  • Anjo is an easy, simple, intuitive and agile tool. Moreover, it is revolutionary, as we will be able to sell to both a person in front of us and another who is far away. The technology that brings the seller closer to the insured – explains the president of the Caburé Group.

The Anjo app is the result of all the experience of the Caburé Group over 56 years of history in the life insurance segment. Conceived by the vision of brokers and brokers, it is being delivered to the market practically from “colleague to colleague” because it understands the needs of the trader and how it is possible to save time to get a higher sales volume. Also in the presentation speech of the app, José Luiz also pointed out that Zurich is Anjo insurer.

For now, Anjo is available to a small group of brokers. Soon, the Caburé Group will release its use to a second batch of professionals. To be a part you must register through the site www.1anjo.com. Interested parties will be notified and have access to login and password to start selling insurance from the app.