On 29/09/17, in an event organized by the Life and Benefits Insurance / CVG Club, the Founder of Caburé, Mr. Luiz Carlos Piggato da Silva, was nominated for the insurance market, the Personality of the Year Award 2017.

In a brief statement, the President of the Caburé Deliberative Council recorded the great importance of Life Insurance for people and society as a way of saving and reserving for difficult times, as well as declaring his passion for contact with the Insured and his pride by the trust that has been won by the organization’s clients and partners during its more than 54 years of work in the area of Life Insurance.

Two insurance market icons, Mr. Carlos Josias Menna de Oliveira and Mr. Clodomiro Dorneles, took the stage to deliver the Personality of the Year Award 2017 to the Founder of Caburé.